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Incredibly simple editing tools to make your clips mobile-friendly & let your personality shine. Browse a feed of the best stuff!

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Short on clips? Create content out of our giant library of plays while crediting the original players.

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Automatically capture ANY GAME (or make clips on-the-fly) and we'll even mark the highlights.

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Super light-weight and built using the best GPU tech to minimize lag.

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Get all your clips synced on your phone and links to share with friends!
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Ivancho | Gold IV League of Legends player |
Thank you guys so much! Lowkey runs so smoothly on my potato pc. I've created a shared album on Lowkey with my friend group and we post all our plays.
Flexinja | Immortal VALORANT player + Youtuber |
Lowkey offers so much functionality and is overall a better-performing video recorder. One of my favorite features is clipping: you can share moments w/ friends in no time.
Anonymous coach | NA LCS |
The top pros + coaches in games like LoL and VALORANT trust Lowkey to capture their wildest plays and review vods to identify mistakes & analyze ways to improve.